�People are keen to know what they can do to reduce environmental impact, not only at home but in their purchasing choices at work too. This is critical when it comes to choosing a print company and it doesn�t just involve using recycled paper.

For over 5 years Verve have been working hard in reducing our carbon footprint using FSC certified and recycled stock wherever possible and addressing our print process by promoting the use of digital print eliminating out the use of any harmful chemicals�.

Green Printing Policy

Verve Eco Friendly Printing

Verve is committed to the Government�s 4 R�s policy for reducing waste: Reduce, Re-use, Repair and Recycle.




  • All of our recycled paper, board and packaging used conforms to our stringent environmental specifications.
  • We actively encourage and promote the use of Environmentally Accredited Papers, from sustainable sources, 100% Recycled Paper or paper containing a mixture of both sustainable and recycled pulp.
  • Our Website products are printed on either Environmentally Accredited or Recycled Paper.


Reduce or Avoid the use of Chemicals

  • We promote full colour digital printing which uses no chemicals or solvents and only one or two sheets of paper in a job set-up. No press cleaning is required as in traditional litho printing.


Energy Consumption

  • All waste paper is collected for recycling.
  • We invest in the latest production equipment which is more efficient and generates less material waste.


Reduce and Recycle Waste

  • Our equipment was chosen for it�s efficiency as well as it�s quality � faster setups and running speeds equals less electricity used.
  • Heat generated from machinery is reused for heating offices. Our factory was purposely was refitted in February 2009 and we are now consuming only a fraction of the energy we used previously.