�Since 2004, digital production colour printing has grown on average of 50% per year.� - Carlson & Company

Why Digital Printing

Why Digital Printing

It�ll never catch on... That�s what they said about digital camera�s... now even my Nan has got one!


The same could be said about digital print. Since 2000, the print industry has changed dramatically and digital print has risen rapidly through the ranks. During the past 10 years, machine speeds, print quality and workflow have all come on leaps and bounds. Verve has invested heavily in this technology.

We are now seeing the true benefits of digital print; 24 hour turnaround (sometimes as low as one hour), personalised campaigns, no minimum print runs, no expensive set up costs. Ten years ago, digital was just another printing process - now it stands as a significant marketing tool.

Personalised digital print is a costeffective way of communicating with customers, as a well designed and targeted campaign will always increase the response rate.